CBD Top 5: What I've Learned

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

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  1. CBD is one of 110 cannabinoids.


So is THC. Each cannabinoid can have different effects on the body, CBD is most popular for pain management, inflammation, and sleep. It is being studied for treatment in nervous system disorders. I have heard stories and seen video of people with Parkinson's being able to walk and speak 20 minutes after taking CBD.

2. You have an endocannabinoid system. So I think of taking cannabinoids like taking vitamins. If I have a Vitamin C deficiency , my body will respond noticeably to a vitamin C supplement. Everyone is different, so a CBD (and the other 110 cannabinoids) supplement will show different results in different people.

3. CBD (and the other cannabinoids) has to be decarboxylated.


So eating raw hemp flower will do you no good, give you gas, and possibly cause significant other digestive issues. This also explains why smoking cannabis (to intake THC or CBD) is the most efficient means of intake. (While I do not promote smoking anything, I believe smokers could try switching to smoking CBD flower as an alternative, or as a step to quitting.)

4.There are different tincture/oils you can take. Full spectrum is the whole plant or whole flower extracted into a base material (like MCT or coconut oil). Broad Spectrum is the same with THC removed. CBD Isolate and distillate are CBD only. I make full spectrum oil for a couple reasons. Studies show that full spectrum is more effective than any of the others. By farming premium smokable hemp flower I have a ready source of prime base material. 5. Not all CBD is harvested the same.


My 2 acres takes a crew of 10 to 15 people about 6 weeks to harvest, because we do it with precision in timing for each plant and great care for each bud. Large outdoor grows cannot replicate this because it's inefficient. They do things like harvest dry (let the plant die in the field), or run the plants through stripping machines, or hand strip plants rather than trim buds off carefully. This causes a large disparity in the quality of the product that is being used to make your consumable CBD. It's like the difference between a slow roasted free-range chicken breast and a Tyson frozen chicken nugget. I don't run my plants through machines or let them dry up and die in the field.


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